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Build Back Links with RSS feeds

Build Back Links with RSS feeds
May be "submit RSS" and "submit RSS feeds" sounds mysterious for many webmasters and internet marketeers. It's not, in fact is quite simple. Here is a small guide on how to use your RSS feeds.
But don't use only your main site RSS feed, you can build back links for your articles, profiles, web2.0 sites and gain even more back link power for your main website or landing page.

First step is to make a list with all your RSS feeds :
your main site rss feed
your best placed in serps articles rss feeds
your web 2.0 blogs rss (blogs that point back to your site or pre-landing page out site)
your forum profiles rss or forum threads rss which contain links to your site
After the list is done go to and put the rss list in that box. A giant rss feed will be created.

The big resulted rss feed list should be added to :

Web 2.0 Sites where you can make put/build your blog( posts) or articles :


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